At Reform we know what is required to get you back performing sport following an injury.  Our background experience and knowledge rehabilitating professional and amateur athletes back to full fitness ensures we have the knowledge and skills to help you return to your sports and activities whether you are an elite athlete, weekend warrior, recreational or seasonal sports person.


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Early Diagnosis

Seeking an early diagnosis is advantageous to gain reassurance you are managing your injury appropriately, effectively and efficiently.  This starts with an accurate diagnosis to ensure you receive effective acute injury management providing you with hands on treatment as well as self management advice to give you the confidence to progress to early phase rehabilitation so that you avoid strategies which may be unhelpful and detrimental in the long term.

Treating You Like A Professional Athlete

As your injury improves we will guide you through higher level rehabilitation followed by sport specific functional rehabilitation.  Finally we will provide guidance on returning to training and competition.  

Returning to Sport

Athletes returning to sport following injury can experience many different psychological barriers such as a loss of confidence in their athletic abilities, a fear of re-injuring themselves, frustration surrounding their injury, to name but a few examples.  Reform will also act to support you through this essential phase of recovery to ensure that you return to your sport or activity both mentally and physically strong.