At Reform we have a wealth of expert and evidence based knowledge, skills, and experience in the clinical diagnosis and treatment of a wide variety of painful conditions presenting in a diverse range of people. Using a patient focused approach we aim to determine a clinical diagnosis which we take the time to explain to you. Using appropriate quality treatments, we will help you return to the activities you love.

Clinical diagnosis

Whether you are an athlete unable to perform your sporting activity, an office worker unable to sit comfortably at your desk, or a parent unable to run around with your children, Reform offers expert guidance, advice, and assessment, using an evidence based approach and clinical experience.

Exercise medicine

The goal of treatment is to get you moving again.  We believe that the most effective treatment to achieve this, supported by experience and research, is exercise based medicine tailored to your goals, expectations, and diagnosis.  Exercise based medicine involves strengthening and moving the body to enable you to perform your work, sport or daily activities with less pain more efficiently and effectively.

Hands on treatment

When appropriate we use other methods of quality and effective treatment to help decrease your pain to aid in your recovery.  These include manual therapy, using expert handling skills to mobilise and manipulate joints, soft tissue massage, taping, and acupuncture.

Conditions we treat

We have the knowledge and skills to treat and manage the following;

Back & neck pain; pelvis, hip, knee, ankle and foot pain; shoulder, elbow, hand and wrist pain; ligament and muscle injuries; tendon pain; sports injuries; work related injury; pre and post surgical rehabilitation; post fracture rehabilitation; headaches; persistent pain; and much much more!

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