Patient Success Stories

“Providing our patients with the best care is really important to us, so your opinion of using our service matters.”

Matt Taylor
Founder and lead physiotherapist of Reform Physiotherapy Pilates & Movement

Matt is a welcoming and knowledgeable physiotherapist who orchestrated my speedy recovery from a torn hamstring in a fraction of the time I thought it would take.  I was skeptical about using physio but Reform was recommended to me by a friend and I was pleasantly surprised by the focus and attention in everything that we did.  Matt made sure he knew all the facts around my injury.  He set out a detailed plan for me (which must have taken a lot of time to draw up) and gave me a date to get back to sports.  From thinking I would not play for the rest of the season to play 90 minutes of football after just 4 weeks!  Matt encouraged me me to call him whenever I had any setbacks and I did initially have a lot of fear in what I could do (due to pain) but my mind was put at ease always after speaking to him.  Matt has checked in with me numerous times since to make sure that everything is going well and I couldn’t recommend Reform highly enough.  Extremely professional service and will certainly be going back with any issues in the future.

B Forshaw, Police Officer

After being involved in a car accident I was advised to seek physiotherapy, and I’m glad I chose to see Matt at Reform.  Matt has been excellent from the beginning to end.  He is a highly knowledgeable and professional physio, which is also evident from his work in Premiership football.  Following the accident the pain I had in my neck and back made me nervous to get back into my usual routine of workouts and sports, and I was worried my range of movement would be affected for a significantly longer period of time.  However, Matt found the source of the problem very quickly and has helped me to understand the cause of my pain and put to bed any fears I had around it.  Rather than treating me with a short term focus on immediate pain relief, Matt has given me a plan that will allow me to manage the pain on a long term basis, with the ultimate goal of building up my flexibility and strength in that region, so that I no longer feel that pain.  He is also mindful of the fact that everyone is built differently, and will tailor his approach to treatment to the individual, as he did for me.  Already I feel less fearful about returning to playing sport, and hope to do so in the near future.

Thanks Matt for putting my mind at rest so quickly – I would definitely recommend Reform for anyone who needs physiotherapy, and wouldn’t hesitate to return if needed!

H Chavda, Accountant

Matt was extremely helpful and understanding.  He knew exactly how to proceed with my treatment.  Matt shows genuine concern and I was confident in his knowledge and experience.  Highly recommended and I will return to him should I need to.

G De Silva, MSc Student

I was very impressed with the whole process, Matthew went straight in to look for the best method of dealing with my problem. It’s very clear he is passionate about his job and I will definitely be returning should I have to.

M Hidalgo, Student

I was already attending Pilates classes (which are excellent) but when I injured my ankle badly it was an obvious choice to ask Matt for physio. I can’t rate him highly enough. He really understood my issue. It was a footballers injury and as an ex footie physio he was an expert and had treated scores. But what really counted was that he knew I has had a previous injury which never properly healed which was colouring my attitude. He took the time to explain the pain response to me, how swelling happens, the structure of the foot etc so that I understood all the twinges and aches I was experiencing and how not to let them hold me back from movement. With a mixture of acupuncture, manipulation and exercises I have made a great recovery in pretty quick time. Matt really really cares about his clients and I found the whole experience so posative. Absolutely recommend Matt 100 percent !

M Ryan

Following a recent ankle injury I sought advice from Matt.  I can’t praise the service enough.  Matt was professional and friendly, he performed a thorough assessment and informed me in terms easily understood what the issue was and how best to proceed to aid recovery.  Matt was empathetic, providing individualised treatment tailored to  my personal needs.  Thankfully I am now well on my way to recovery and wouldn’t hesitate to seek support from Matt in the future.

S Franklin, Nurse

I recently visited Reform to see Matt after a recommendation from a friend. Whilst calling to enquire about treatment, Matt took the time to find out as much as possible about my injury over the phone to ensure that we could hit the ground running.

With experience in a professional football setting, it was clear that he had a ground understanding of my issue and the potential causes of my injury. A quick diagnosis and method of prevention/treatment meant that I was able to continue playing football without the pain that I had been experiencing, this was surprising as I had expected that I would need to take some time out to allow for recovery.

Since my visit, Matt has been in touch to check up on the problem and he shows a genuine concern for the people he treats. I would 100% recommend Reform and will be seeing Matt again with any future injuries.

S Green, IT

I have had a course of physiotherapy on my knee after a serious accident. Amazing attitude and friendly atmosphere during each session. I loved that all the exercises given to me were chosen from among activities I like to do rather than forcing me to do stuff I don’t like. Each session included a motivational chat. It really helped me to push myself to do training every day. All this resulted in much better condition of my leg and whole process was a pleasure. Thank you for all support!

M Markocki

Without doubt the best Physio around the Perivale area. I had been mis diagnosed after visiting another physio in the area but Matt was able to help me relieve my Back/shoulder issues. He was very professional from start to finish and helped me get from limited upper body mobility, back to gym and sports in a safe way. He could have easily made me take many sessions to get me back to full fitness but I only saw him twice and there were results right away. I am planning to return to him for a long term knee injury. I can’t recommend him enough and have researched a lot of physios in the area, none which have the experience or credentials that Matt has.

K Patel

Had a brilliant informative and reassuring session with Matt. Very welcoming and knowledgeable. A lot of attention to detail shown. Since the session Matt has stayed in touch to get updates on my progress and offer further advice. Highly recommended!

M Shah

I have used Matt for both sports and non-sports related injuries.  Matt listens and asks the right questions to gain a full understanding of the problem.  Matt provides me with an individualised treatment programme combining hands on treatment, advice and exercises, to decrease my pain and facilitate my strength and movement.  Matt is always approachable, and keen to help.  Matt is friendly and is always professional.

D Khilnani, Head of Physical Education

After my partner was let down massively by NHS I decided to go private on the physio to help him recover. I was wary of the cost but we could not wait and in reality the cost with Matt was well worth it because it worked! Acute sinusitis, blood infection and totally seized up neck and shoulder muscles combined with shoddy diagnosis had left my partner in a total state! Matt used massage, acupuncture and exercise but most importantly he listened to help fine tune and understand the issues. When I asked him later what helped you get better the most he said, “Matt did!”  I decided myself to also go to Matt for physiotherapy to try and investigate a few niggling problems and to get to the root of why I keep injuring myself. I have been to other physiotherapists before about the same problems but nobody else could work out why I was experiencing pain. Matt was able to understand the problem and recommend not just exercises but mental approach which has helped me to regain confidence and learn how to work within current strength, thus preventing further injury.  We also go to Matt for Pilates which has been a fantastic experience. I’ve done Pilates before in a class setting and although I enjoyed it I didn’t understand it properly until we started the sessions with Matt. He is able to fine tune the exercises and really teach them to a level of detail whilst still retaining the fun and not becoming overly pedantic or labored. I have found that what I have learned has helped me with other forms of exercise (dance, jogging, swimming) and has also helped me to move more safely when I do gardening. It is also an excellent form of injury prevention.  If you are looking for physiotherapy or Pilates I can totally recommend Matt. I have quite some experience in movement including intensive swimming training as a child and teenager followed by teaching and coaching of swimming, netball, jogging and 30 years of regular dance training in classical, contemporary and jazz. I’ve dabbled in gym and group exercise classes. What I’ve noticed with the many different teachers that I’ve had is that they are good in certain areas but perhaps not so aware in others. What I’ve noticed with Matt is that he is excellent at seeing the overall picture and also in understanding the psychology of injury, pain and physical training. You won’t be disappointed 🙂  Definitely a five star review!

P Baulch, Teacher