Back pain is very real and can be incredibly self limiting, stopping us doing the activities we love.  The good news is that it doesn't need to.


Putting Your Mind at Rest


Our spines are inherently strong, resilient, robust, and mobile.  Similar to any part of the body it can be damaged due to extreme trauma or pathology requiring urgent medical treatment.  Although this is rare Reform will screen you to identify a serious cause of your back pain and refer you for further medical investigations if a more serious cause is suspected.  When we experience back pain we can very quickly convince ourselves that there is something terribly wrong.  So screening for serious causes of back pain and establishing a low suspicion of a major pathology or trauma, can be incredibly helpful to put your mind at rest and reassure you.

Persistent Back Pain

The majority of people suffering from back pain have done so for 3 months or longer, and in some cases on and off for many years.  Persistent back pain can be triggered by a combination of factors such as normal wear and tear, the way we move, taking on too much physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

Effective, Efficient Treatment

At Reform we recognise the importance of exploring all factors that may be contributing to your back pain.  Simply understanding the possible causes of your back pain provides reassurance it is not due to something horrible or incurable.  At Reform we take the time to educate and reassure you on the factors we identify as possible causes of your pain to help lessen your fears and anxieties.  We help you get back to being active again by slowly exposing you to the movements you have become fearful of and have stopped doing because they were painful.  

Pain Relieving Treatments

We have extensive post graduate training in a variety of pain relieving techniques such as acupuncture, joint mobilisation and manipulation, massage, and taping.  We use these techniques in the knowledge that we are decreasing your pain to allow you a window of opportunity to start moving.  

Reform Can Help You Overcome Your Back Pain

Reform can help to break the cycle of your back pain and empower you to take control.  Reform will actively listen to your unique story, to identify the triggers responsible for your persistent back pain.  We also look at your movement identifying relevant impairments related to restriction, weakness, and control.  This allows Reform to design a bespoke treatment plan, targeting the factors causing your back pain using education, advice, reassurance, and exercise medicine to get your back feeling strong, robust, and resilient giving you the confidence to return to the activities you love doing.


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